Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story (2017)

Me and my friend, the director Stephane Kaas, worked on this film for four years. It’s about our favorite writer, the Israeli Etgar Keret, but above all it’s an hommage to storytelling and jokes, the tools that help us survive life’s hardships.

The film is about Keret’s short stories and his absurd life. A mixture of documentary filmmaking and fiction, autobiography and lies. To our surprise, Keret enthusiastically supported our wild plans.

We tried to investigate how Etgar Keret, with his many short stories and his ‘truthful’ anecdotes, became such an amazing storyteller. We filmed Keret and his inner circle in Tel Aviv, Israel, within the sometimes harsh reality of Israeli society, and during his New York, New York book tour. Family (Shira Geffen), friends (Gur Bentwich), and famous colleagues like Jonathan Safran Foer, Gary Shteyngart and This American Life host Ira Glass were interviewed as storytelling-experts, and asked to retell their favorite Keret-story.

To do justice to Keret’s associative thinking and his rich life story, we chose to use different storytelling techniques: animated fiction stories, made by BAFTA-winner Nina Gantz, reconstructions of Keret’s anecdotes, and a lively montage with back stage peeks.

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This is what the press wrote:

“Funny, endearing and moving portrait of the fantastic Etgar Keret” – de Volkskrant
“Amazing documentary” – Het Parool
“Funny and mercilessly beautiful. Keeps hopping around in my head.” – Micha Wertheim, comedian
“Original, imaginatively crafted documentary.” – De VPRO Gids
“Brilliant.” -Nooit Meer Slapen, radio show
“Afterwards, you’re guaranteed to feel happy. Really happy. And you want to read Etgar Keret’s books.” -Jaap Robben, writer

“The film unfolds Keret, showing off his poignant, funny sense of humor, his love of gags, his intensely personal way of looking at his own life, and that of Israeli society around him. And, through it all, Keret’s inimitable way of viewing humanity with a gently mocking but loving and quirky tone.” – The Times of Israel
“A magical film” – Eithan We Blog
“An illustration of the inexplicable power of storytelling” -Ynet

“A highly entertaining portrait that captures Keret’s vibrant personality, and transpires the inflicting excitement of two boys that grew up loving Keret’s work. (…) An uplifting experience, as playful as its subject. It’s that kind of film that leaves you inspired and longing for more.” -The Modern Times Review

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