Another prize!

Our Etgar Keret film just won the Jury Prize at Le Fifa – the Art Film Festival in Montreal. We’re so happy! The jury wrote: “Everyone fell in love with the form and substance of this documentary about an author. Inspired by his subject’s incredible style, the director had the jury laughing out loud even as he offered a deep reflection on the art of storytelling. In a world that often seems senseless, Keret offers a way to reconcile ourselves with the absurdity of life, and his art is a breath of fresh air.” 

We won an Emmy!

Incredible! We won an International Emmy Award in New York, in the category ‘Arts Programming’ for our film ‘Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story’!

Keret in de VPRO-gids

Artikel over onze film, waarin ik helaas met Robert Lemm verward wordt. “Eh… ja dat krijg je, als je dingen in de sfeer van Etgar Keret gaat doen.” (Link naar Blendle)